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Dr. Chuang at Cloudera

Quick updates —

I have not yet updated my recent status for quite some time, so I thought I should summarize my past few months.

I am now Dr. Chuang. Done with the school and I’ve moved to the Bay Area. Since September I am a software engineer at Cloudera, developing HDFS, the Hadoop distributed file system. Days are busy and full of learning, and I love this work place. Hadoop is a large open source project, and I feel excited that I’m now part of it.

I look forward to applying what I learned at Purdue and contributing to the Hadoop project. Hope one day I’ll be able to design a distributed system from start!



Cloudera是間pre-IPO的startup,2008年成立,最近拿到Intel七億多美元的投資,還沒有上市計畫,但號稱市值40億美元。主要是做Hadoop, HDFFS, Spark等相關的知名open source計畫的開發,並提供企業用戶技術支援。華爾街日報列出目前當紅、市值超過1 billion的startup公司,Cloudera是其中一間。因為主要客戶是企業用戶,所以比不上snapchat, spotify這些公司有名,但這間公司技術很強,business model也很明確。

主要競爭對手是去年剛上市的HortonWorks,但因為是open source,跟HortonWorks處在一種既競爭又合作的狀態,兩邊的工程師還得一起開會討論,很有趣。

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