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Recent Updates

Haven’t update my blog for already a month. Looking back at the past month, I don’t think I made much useful work. I am not sure what “research” means to everyone else, but for me, research is a work that the “useful” part presented in the final result accounts for about 10% of total work finished, maybe less. When looking backwards, I might think, “hey, if I do this and that directly, I could have get the result much more easily.” But without those “unuseful” work, I would not be able to get to the final result.

Indeed, often time when I read some papers, I often think: “hey, this is pretty straightforward idea, I could do the same thing within days!” It’s very easy to look backwards, but looking forwards is much much harder.

I just finished a phone interview from Google (looking for internship). Thanks Wei-Min for recommendation into Google. It’s actually my first job interview in the states, whether I get into or not, it’s great experience nevertheless!

I am going to write a report paper to conclude my current research work. After October break, I will switch to a different research topic, which is very very challenging and interesting according to Chip.

Brand New Semester!

Here comes the Fall 2011 semester! Welcome to all new students as well as coming-back students. This semester I will continue to be the CS543 TA, just like the last semester.

CS543 will be taught be Professor Rego. This course talks about simulation and system model in general. This class starts from the basic probability as the fundamental tool in this area. It will also cover topics such as genetic algorithm, Markov chain, confidence interval and so on.

Bug fix for zdelta-2.1

A bug in zdelta-2.1 was found during my experiment. The bug causes memcpy() to fail because of a computation of memory location overflown.

Provided below is a bugfix for this integer overflown bug, as well as a change of macro naming convetion. Since zdelta was modified based on zlib, a few macro definition has naming conflict with zlib. If people, like me, try to include them in the same source file, it would be really troublesome.

Download bugfix for zdelta 2.1 

Hello world!

Thinking I need a place to record my thoughts. Facebook and Twitter are all the rages these days, but even though they’re good at keeping in touch with people, they’re not good as an article repository. Blog is still better in this sense.

I’m quite happy that I finally get this domain name. Some one else possessed for years and I couldn’t get it. I started to use as my own domain name, but that wasn’t cool enough. Anyway, here it is.