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03/25 已有68個學生團體發起罷課 (蘋果日報) 已有72個學生團體發起罷課 (公視罷課聯署網址

03/24 臺北藝術大學美術系系 (待證實)[PTT]

03/23 台大、清大、台師大、東華四校學生會宣布罷課 [自由時報]

03/23 中山大學社會系學生宣布罷課 [聯合報]

03/23 臺北醫學大學宣布參加學運抗議不用記曠課 [聯合報] 這是第一所全校性罷課的大專院校

03/22 如果到星期日仍不得到回應,律師工會、護理師工會以及藥師工會將加入罷工 [自由時報]

03/22 臺北大學社會系所宣布停課一週支持學運 [聯合報]

03/22 清大社會所宣布停課一週 [自由時報]


Not Much

There were not much to update in the recent two months since I came back from California and submitted to HPDC’12.  It was so boring that I did not even go across the bridge to Lafayette, let along any other big cities nearby.

Perhaps this is good. Before submitting to HPDC, I was entirely dedicated to it. If one person can devote 100% of energy into something, I felt like devoted 120% of my energy into it, and for almost two weeks I could not recover from the tiresome.

This semester I am the TA& instructor for two courses. Preparing lectures and grading homework took out most of my time. I think I somehow like teaching, but I really don’t like grading homework. Grading homework or reports is simply a waste of my time. If one day I have nothing can do except being a teacher or professor, I will not ask students to do little homework…


I’m trying to make sure I have new posts at least every month, but this month is like getting crazy.

Just came back from a 10-day journey to southern California and Vegas. Instead of gambling in the Sin City, I spent most of time in the hotel write code for the upcoming paper deadline. We’re targeting HPDC ’12, due on Janurary 23. What’s more important is Jan 23 is actually the Lunar New Year’s day! This is way toooo bad to celebrate the new year.

Moving forward into 2012, we’re expecting to submit to more conferences, and releasing the Mace-FullContext code once it stablizes. Currently it’s still crappy piece of code, but is taking shape now. We’re also having more members into our research group, and perhaps more in the fall semester. We’re always short of human resources, so this is a good thing.

Kindle or Not?

I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber. Now that Amazon offers free book lending to Prime users who own Kindle, and I’m wondering whether it’s a good timing to buy a Kindle. The original Kindle did not arouse my interest, due to the screen responsiveness (an inherent technological weakness), so Kindle Fire is my only option. But today I saw some bad reviews about Kindle Fire regarding the responsiveness of the web browsing, so I held back, did not pull the trigger.

There’re a fairly large number of good readings covering many areas, not just classical novels, and etc, so the free lending feature can save me a good fortune of money. IMO Kindle is worth buying, but I’ve already had too many electronic devices at home and should really conserve Earth resources.

New Research Project

I’m actively involved in a new research project and that is why I have not been able to update my blog recently.

We’re in the beginning phase of this project, that is, developing the programming model. Followed up will be the compiler that supports the programming model, the runtime system which does the job behind the scene, the applications that uses this programming model, and possibly modelchecker or other supportive utilities.

While looking for Korean learning materials on iTunes, I came across this website (, and surprised to find it has tons of podcast audio and lecture notes in different levels. Best of all, it’s all for FREE! It’s hard to imagine how they managed to keep adding new materials without being paid for.

So I’m sharing this website to whomever is learning Korean. Although I think I’m the only one I knew who’s interested in this language. Considering there’re so many Korean students on campus at Purdue, this is a cool way to get to know more people!


Happy 100th Birthday to Taiwan/ROC, My Beloved Homeland!

Today, October 10th, is what we Taiwanese called “Double Tenth Day”(雙十節). It’s the day my country declared independence. It’s always been a significant holiday to us, but this year’s Double Tenth Day is even more important to us: It’s the 100th anniversary of my country’s birthday!

ROC is the abbreviation for “Republic of China”. In fact, it’s the official country name for Taiwan.This ROC is different from PROC, People’s Republic China, which is the Beijing government. To realize the relationship and the differences between the two country, this youtube video provides a very interesting explanation:

This country has always been in threat throughout the whole century, but despite the great hardship, we managed to strive to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the country. We should be proud of that!