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OSDI’12 Poster Accepted!

My poster “ContextJob: Elastic Cloud Application Runtime” is accepted at OSDI’12 conference! In addition, my student travel grant to OSDI’12 is also awarded.

OSDI’12 is one of the top conferences in the computer system design and implementation area. I will be attending OSDI conference during October 8th~10th, and HotDep’12 workshop co-located with OSDI on October 7th.

500th commit in Mace-Fullcontext!

Congratulations to all of the contributors: Bo, Sunghwan, Rui, Yu-Chen, Chip and Milind. I almost forgot to mention that our 500th commit of Mace-Fullcontext has been pushed up to the repository! I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to this project.
We officially committed the first changeset on last December 21, and it took less than 9 months to reach the 500th. Since that time, we have committed more than 22,000 lines of code into repository.
The mace fullcontext project is a follow-up project of Mace-incontext, a parallel execution event driven system, led by Sunghwan Yoo, and we started the discussion since about last October. So it’s been almost a year ago!

Another New Semester!

Hooray! Another new semester is here, and it’s my 1,2,3…. anyway, I’m not going to count how many semesters I’ve been here.

Yesterday midnight, I finally got my summer assignment done just before the new semester commences…. Well, sort of, I demonstrated it was working in some cases, and I still need to tighten up some loose ends before concluding this work and submitting it to the conference, but at least I showed it’s a working idea!

Work, work, work and more work! I’m full of energy now!

Summer Research Grant!

I was notified by Dr. Gorman that I am being selected to receive a summer research grant from Purdue Graduate School.

It’s actually a fellowship with no obligations other than I need to register summer course credits.  If I remember correctly, this is my first fellowship given by a school, ever! Even since middle school!

Qual 2 Passed!

Whoop! Finally I passed my qual 2 and now an official PhD student!

Through the process of exam preparation, there were a lot I learned. How to read and abstract a number of academic papers in relatively short amount of time, how to do a “useful” presentation that immerse the audience into the key idea of the paper, … and so on.

Though this moment came late in my entire PhD career, I’m still full of enjoyment!

Next step: Look for research topic for my prelim, as well as the potential faculty to form my prelim committee.

Qual 2

Here in Purdue-CS, we have a so-called “Qual 2”, which is an oral exam after the common written qual exam.

I am about to take my Qual 2 sometime end of August, and hopefully pass it once for all. Though my PhD career was delayed by the fact I switched adviser, I’m still hoping to do my prelim by the end of next year.  If Chip’s kind enough, he might let me graduate in 2013, and I really hope to get this degree before turning 29.

But for now, I need to focus on my coming exam and the research papers! Be confident!!