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The White Paper

China revealed its white paper on the “one country, two systems” policy this week. The policy has been the central political guideline for Hong Kong since 1997, and has been the ultimate political system that Chinese government would set up for Taiwan after the presumed reunification with Taiwan in the future. But the white paper represents a major shift of the policy.

Crucially, the document essentially limits the political rights of the Hong Kong residents. Previously, the old policy called for “no change in 50 years”; but unfortunately, only 17 years after Beijing seized the control of the island, the Chinese government officially declares that Hong Kong will not be Hong Kong any more.

(Which also warns Taiwanese that a democratic Taiwan is at stake under Communist China’s sphere of influence)




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對於素食者來說,不論是要留學、或者在美國自助旅行都很實用的經驗! 首先,如果是在加州的話,基本上這篇文章可以直接忽略,因為在加洲各大城市華人都很多,很容易找到素食中國菜、甚至是素食台菜。


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Haven’t updated my blog lately. I was mostly busy with a paper submission due a few days ago. Now that paper is submitted, I am ready to prepare for another one.

Time flies, and my happy summer time is less than 1.5 months remaining. I am hoping to finish one paper (expecting to get this done by end of July), and start to work on another, and help my labmates with others.