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Submitted Another Paper

We submitted a paper yesterday that describes our system. It’s anonymized submission so I can’t talk about the details.

But let me talk about the engineering effort.

We’ve wrote 40 thousand lines of code in the past one and half years, and we’ve checked in almost 1000 changesets in this period. I am the main contributor and wrote about 60% of all the code. But this is a large project. We had six people working on this project, either contributing the code, testing the system or providing suggestions, so that’s equivalent to more than a hundred man-months!

All of the effort is simply for publishing one research paper.  Phew! This is not easy!

ContextLattice is now hosted at BitBucket!

I have transitioned ContextLattice repository to BitBucket.

We used to host our project repository at our But having used BitBucket for a while (Initially I was just using BB as a backup — Mercurial makes it easy to clone a repo to another places as backup), and it turns out to be quite reliable and high quality.

It features wiki, issue-tracking, code-review among other features. But it’s actually the unlimited academic free account that attracts me the most. There are several Mercurial repository services out there, apart from BitBucket, Google Code is an alternative I would possibly use, but Google Code can only host public code which is an alas to me.

As a side note, I recently registered a domain name, but I haven’t had chance to do some decent web design, so I’ll just leave it there. I expect to release our system & code when our paper is accepted at some major conferences.

2013 is here

Good to see everyone after the “end of the world” 🙂

More work to do, and I am learning to balance between work and family.

New Year’s resolution: Pass my prelim exam, and start looking for jobs by the end of the year. Learning Korean while I can. Maturing my research project and have some idea about commercialization.