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Wei-Chiu is a PhD candidate at Purdue University. He's interested in enabling elastic computing in cloud infrastructures. When he is not writing code, he spends most of time reading Wikipedia articles.

Dr. Chuang at Cloudera

Quick updates —

I have not yet updated my recent status for quite some time, so I thought I should summarize my past few months.

I am now Dr. Chuang. Done with the school and I’ve moved to the Bay Area. Since September I am a software engineer at Cloudera, developing HDFS, the Hadoop distributed file system. Days are busy and full of learning, and I love this work place. Hadoop is a large open source project, and I feel excited that I’m now part of it.

I look forward to applying what I learned at Purdue and contributing to the Hadoop project. Hope one day I’ll be able to design a distributed system from start!