It’s official! I am an Apache Hadoop committer!

I joined Cloudera last September and contributed my first Hadoop patch in late September.  I’ve made quite a few patches over the past 10 or 11 months and was finally invited to become an Apache Hadoop Committer in July!

I’ve always been interested in Open Source movement (I started to use Linux since 1999), and I’m quite glad that I’m finally recognized as a part of the community. For myself, it means more than a promotion within a company.

I am hoping to post a blog about how I made it so that everyone who wants to contribute to any open source projects can benefit from it.

自從去年九月加入Cloudera,我便持續地在Apache Hadoop這計畫中做出貢獻,到今年七月,總共十個月的時間之後,終於被邀請成為Apache Hadoop的committer!


希望最近有空可以在寫篇部落格文,講講我怎樣成為Apache Hadoop的經過,這樣未來任何想要在Open Source計畫中做出貢獻的人都能獲益!

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