After Sunflower Movement

The Taiwanese government have admitted they are monitoring and manipulating the public opinion on the Internet. In addition, in response to the recent turmoil in Taipei, the officials also announced the police will detain those who are suspected of planning civil disturbance for precaution. [This is a direct violation of freedom of speech]

During a recent clash between the protesters and the police due to the construction of a controversial nuclear power plant, the press were deported by the police when the police directed water cannon at the peaceful protesters. [A direct violation of freedom of  the press] The abuse of power is prominent.

After the students vacated the legislature which was occupied in protest o f the trade pact with China, I thought for a while that we Taiwanese had successfully avoided a similar tragedy that tore Ukraine apart.
But the tension remains high between the administration, the police and the crowd several weeks after the end of the Movement.
It appears, at least for now, Taiwan is moving toward the inevitable collision course.

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