Statement in Response to President Ma Ying-jeou

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Statement in Response to President Ma Ying-jeou

In response to President Ma Ying-jeou’s morning press conference, we would like to make the following proclamation [in Chinese]:

政令宣導 罔顧民意 既不民主 又無法治
先有條例 再來審議 給我民主 其餘免談

It has been six days since the people, upset over the undemocratic and autocratic passage of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, have occupied the Legislature, an institution that was supposed to speak on their behalf. Tens of thousands more continue to rally outside in concern over Taiwan’s future.

It is regrettable that President Ma has taken until now to respond to these concerns. But instead of constructive dialogue, the president was only willing to repeat the old and tired points in support of the CSSTA that have been used, like a broken record, by his administration over the past few days.

The president continues to disregard public opinion, and the aspirations of us students and our fellow citizens. And we must emphasize that it was the Ma administration’s illegal passage of the CSSTA in the Legislature’s committee stage that have now led the people to occupy the chamber, not the other way around.

If the people have no mechanism of monitoring the government, and if the government insists on handling agreements in an autocratic and undemocratic manner, than it becomes obvious that our democracy has failed. The CSSTA, drafted, negotiated, and signed behind closed doors is a perfect example of this failure.

In a democratic country, the people must have a say in their country’s future. The Taiwanese people have spoken – they demand to be able to participate in decisions that will impact a whole generation of Taiwanese and this country’s future.

In response to the remarks by President Ma, the following is a substantive four point list that can resolve this continuing crisis:

1. The Holding of a ‘Citizen’s Constitutional Conference’

Faced with our continuing constitutional crisis, along with eroding confidence in the Ma administration and questions over the future of this country, we ask that a bipartisan ‘Citizen’s Constitutional Conference’ be held that will be inclusive of the variety of voices in our society.

2. The Legislature’s Rejection of the CSSTA

The Legislature should reject the CSSTA in lieu of a monitoring mechanism for cross-strait agreements.

3. Passage of a Monitoring Mechanism for Cross-Strait Agreements in the Current Legislative Session

Prior to the passage of this mechanism, Taiwan and China should not negotiate or sign any types of agreements.

4. Legislators from Both Parties Should Address the People’s Demands

We call on legislators from both parties to address and pass a draft bill (兩岸協定締結條例) for systemizing the process for signing cross-strait agreements.

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