Paper Accepted!

Our paper “Programming Model and Runtime Support for Elastic, Tightly-Coupled Cloud Applications” is accepted at SOCC (ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2013)! I will be giving a talk as well as a poster in the venue.

The selection of the conference is quite competitive: out of 115 manuscripts, only 23 were accepted at 20% acceptance rate.

The conference will take place at Santa Clara University on October 1-3.

Here’s the abstract of the paper:

An attractive approach to leveraging the ability of cloud-computing platforms to provide resources on demand is to build elastic applications, which can scale up or down based on resource requirements dynamically. To ease the development of elastic applications, it is useful for programmers to write applications with simple, inelastic semantics and rely on runtime systems to provide transparent elasticity.

While this approach has been useful in restricted domains, such as MapReduce, existing programming models for general distributed applications do not expose enough information about their inherent organization of state and computation.
We introduce E VENT WAVE, an event-driven programming model that allows developers to design elastic programs with inelastic semantics while naturally exposing isolated state and computation with programmatic parallelism. In addi-
tion, we describe the runtime mechanism which takes the exposed parallelism to provide elasticity. Finally, we evaluate our implementation through microbenchmarks and case studies to demonstrate that E VENT WAVE can provide efficient, scalable, transparent elasticity for applications run in the cloud.


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