Concluding the Upper Half of 2013

Throughout the upper half of 2013, I was mainly working on two things: performance optimization and API.

Performance has been improved by nearly 20 fold since last September. We were able to diagnose the performance bugs in the original Mace code, and also found a better architecture of the fullcontext runtime. Maybe I would write a paper about the optimization some time.

I am recently working on a better fullcontext C++ API. The goal is, without impacting the performance, make the fullcontext API much easier so that writing a fullcontext application in C++ is straightforward and does not require much effort. In particular, previously most of the features were generated from the perl compiler, which translates the Mace syntax into corresponding (simple) C++ constructs. Because C++ is such a feature-rich language, it makes sense to implement most of features in C++ constructs. After several iteration of reimplementation, it is now possible to directly exploit C++ language features: overloading, overriding, inheritance, templates, template metaprogramming to provide an API straightforward to C++ programmers.

My next goal would be porting fullcontext API to Javascript, specifically, the V8 Javascript engine. It would be really awesome if V8 engine can run fullcontext applications!

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