Found a very neat website today: http://quizlet.com/
Quizlet lets you create your study flash cards, from language study like English, Spanish or Korean, to biology terms. It’s community-based, so you get to use flash cards that other people have already created. What’s more, the website creates games from the flash cards, that’s really neat! The interface is superb also.

今天發現一個很讚的網站 Quizlet. 這網站是用來建立學習記憶卡的,因為是社群分享式的,所以你可以用別人已經做好的記憶卡,或者自己做。網站上各種記憶卡都有:學英文TOEFL、德文、韓文,乃至於記憶各種生物專有名詞的卡都有。最炫的功能是,系統可以用建立好的記憶卡做成遊戲幫助學習!

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