Not Much

There were not much to update in the recent two months since I came back from California and submitted to HPDC’12.  It was so boring that I did not even go across the bridge to Lafayette, let along any other big cities nearby.

Perhaps this is good. Before submitting to HPDC, I was entirely dedicated to it. If one person can devote 100% of energy into something, I felt like devoted 120% of my energy into it, and for almost two weeks I could not recover from the tiresome.

This semester I am the TA& instructor for two courses. Preparing lectures and grading homework took out most of my time. I think I somehow like teaching, but I really don’t like grading homework. Grading homework or reports is simply a waste of my time. If one day I have nothing can do except being a teacher or professor, I will not ask students to do little homework…

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