I’m trying to make sure I have new posts at least every month, but this month is like getting crazy.

Just came back from a 10-day journey to southern California and Vegas. Instead of gambling in the Sin City, I spent most of time in the hotel write code for the upcoming paper deadline. We’re targeting HPDC ’12, due on Janurary 23. What’s more important is Jan 23 is actually the Lunar New Year’s day! This is way toooo bad to celebrate the new year.

Moving forward into 2012, we’re expecting to submit to more conferences, and releasing the Mace-FullContext code once it stablizes. Currently it’s still crappy piece of code, but is taking shape now. We’re also having more members into our research group, and perhaps more in the fall semester. We’re always short of human resources, so this is a good thing.

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