Happy 100th Birthday to Taiwan/ROC, My Beloved Homeland!

Today, October 10th, is what we Taiwanese called “Double Tenth Day”(雙十節). It’s the day my country declared independence. It’s always been a significant holiday to us, but this year’s Double Tenth Day is even more important to us: It’s the 100th anniversary of my country’s birthday!

ROC is the abbreviation for “Republic of China”. In fact, it’s the official country name for Taiwan.This ROC is different from PROC, People’s Republic China, which is the Beijing government. To realize the relationship and the differences between the two country, this youtube video provides a very interesting explanation:

This country has always been in threat throughout the whole century, but despite the great hardship, we managed to strive to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the country. We should be proud of that!


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