Recent Updates

Haven’t update my blog for already a month. Looking back at the past month, I don’t think I made much useful work. I am not sure what “research” means to everyone else, but for me, research is a work that the “useful” part presented in the final result accounts for about 10% of total work finished, maybe less. When looking backwards, I might think, “hey, if I do this and that directly, I could have get the result much more easily.” But without those “unuseful” work, I would not be able to get to the final result.

Indeed, often time when I read some papers, I often think: “hey, this is pretty straightforward idea, I could do the same thing within days!” It’s very easy to look backwards, but looking forwards is much much harder.

I just finished a phone interview from Google (looking for internship). Thanks Wei-Min for recommendation into Google. It’s actually my first job interview in the states, whether I get into or not, it’s great experience nevertheless!

I am going to write a report paper to conclude my current research work. After October break, I will switch to a different research topic, which is very very challenging and interesting according to Chip.

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