Bug fix for zdelta-2.1

A bug in zdelta-2.1 was found during my experiment. The bug causes memcpy() to fail because of a computation of memory location overflown.

Provided below is a bugfix for this integer overflown bug, as well as a change of macro naming convetion. Since zdelta was modified based on zlib, a few macro definition has naming conflict with zlib. If people, like me, try to include them in the same source file, it would be really troublesome.

Download bugfix for zdelta 2.1 

2 thoughts on “Bug fix for zdelta-2.1”

  1. i and my friend are doing an MSC project using Zdelta algorithm for cellular communication compression. we intend to use the algorithm for checking some common application such as VoIP, Data, Video etc, and to see how useful is the algorithm for it.

    we need help to get the final code of this algorithm in order to compile and running it.

    we will appreciate any help.



  2. i still would like to get some help for checking zdelta algorithm for different types of data. for example i would like to check video or voice files but normally the size of those files are very large. what is the better way to check it using zdelta ?


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